Sunday, July 12, 2009


Salam...for this entry, i just wanna share the history of Big Apple Donuts & Coffee..Actually, im the one of million people in the world that fanatic with Big Apple..hehe...Big Apple Donuts are fluffy soft, delicious and the most important part is" once u eat u want more!"..believe me..=)..hehe..i have already make a research about Big surprise when i knew that Big Apple actually originated from Malaysia!! There are few info bout Big Apple:-
  • On the 2nd May 2007, Big Apple Donuts and Coffee established itself in Malaysia..
  • The 1st Big Apple store opened in May 2007 at The Curve..
  • In just under 2 years, Big Apple had already opened 30 stores around Malaysia..
  • Big Apple has 28 donut flavours and 20 types of beverage..
  • Store locator- Malaysia(30 stores), Indonesia(1 store), China(2 stores) and Thailand(2 stores)
  • Big Apple known as Bapple around the world..
Malaysia Brand Logo

International Brand Logo

Pic of Big Apple Donuts and Coffee:-

Big Apple is going global!!!

that's all...adios..=)

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